Daily Schedule

8:00 - Arrivals, greetings, and goodbyes

9:45 - Morning snack

10:00 - Outdoor and active play

10:30 - Morning group time

11:15 - Morning circle

11:45 - Lunch

12:45 - Rest time

2:00 - Indoor/Outdoor free play

3:00 - Short day pick-up

3:05 - Afternoon snack 

3:20 - Outdoor and active play

3:45 - Afternoon circle

4:15 - Afternoon group time

5:00 - Mini-snack

5:15 - Day's end activities

5:45 - Full day pick up

6:00 - School closes


Enrichment Programs

Several on-site enrichment programs are offered including storytelling, music and movement, yoga, and Spanish language. Optional off-site gymnastics is also offered at Acro Sports. Frequent field trips are an integral part of the program and include Clancy's Pumpkin Patch, Bay Area Discovery Museum, Aquarium By The Bay and others.


Approach & Curriculum

Located in San Francisco's Miraloma Park, Treehouse Pre-K is a home-based pre-kindergarten program founded in 2000. Our developmental approach to education provides opportunities for child-centered, hands-on learning and socialization in an intimate setting. Art, music, language, storytelling, role-play, and physical activity are all mainstays of the program. The curriculum is thematic (2-3 themes per month) and rich in experimental learning. 

Children are grouped by age and/or individual ability to participate in structured activities designed to promote interest and learning in the following areas:

Pre-Reading: Phonics, letter and word sounds through stories, alphabet journals and letter of the week, and writing.

Math & Science: Math concepts through activities involving counting, sorting, patterns, and measuring. Hands-on science activities and experiments.

Social & Emotional Development: Communicating and working cooperatively in small and large groups, practicing listening skills, and learning to value self and each other through cooperation-based activities.



Children should be at least 3 1/2 years old when entering the program and plan to continue until they transition to kindergarten.



Treehouse Pre-K provides healthy morning and afternoon snacks including organic fruit from our CSA. Children bring lunches from home which can include food to be heated up.